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About the Module Check Stamp Duty, Registration Fees & Aadhaar
The module is developed and made available by the Department of Stamps and Registration. 
It provides facility of online registration of Leave and License Agreement to citizen.
Citizen can,
      1) Prepare the agreement       5) Submit it for registration
      2) View the draft                    6) Get it registered
      3) Modify if required               7) Get the status of registration through SMS
      4) Execute (sign) it
All these activities can be performed from anywhere anytime, without going physically to Sub Registrar Office.
Prerequisites Downloads
1) Biometric Device (Thumb Scanner) 2) Webcam 3) Internet explorer 9 & above
1) All parties to the document and their identifiers cum witnesses should have Aadhaar Number.
2) Stamp Duty and Registration Fee should be paid online through GRAS (
You are requested to deploy the updates on a high priority basis.
Step 1) For Windows , please download the update from
and install.
Step 2) Restart the Secugen RD Service from Services.
NOTE: Please do not uninstall previous RD Service.
RD Service readme
Change in procedure w.e.f.23/02/2017
eRegistration User Manual
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Biometric Drivers 1) Secugen
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